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Welcome to Atacama Bio Natural Products Inc. a company which is dedicated to the production of microalgae. Its culturing center is located in one of the driest deserts in the world and has the greatest solar irradiation in the planet. In this location, which is a natural environment away from any contamination, the microalgae Haematococcus pluvialis is cultured to obtain an intense red powder.
It contains high concentrations of natural astaxanthin which is the most powerful antioxidant discovered until now. It is found in species that can resist extreme environmental conditions, such as salmon, which must endure enormous distances upstream and shrimp as well which can endure in extreme environments with low oxygen levels.
Astaxanthin has proven to be a food supplement with great benefits for human and animal health. It is characterized by its protective effect against degrading agents which are associated to oxidative problems such as free radicals. This product also has anti-inflammatory properties. Atacama Bio has focused its efforts on providing a healthy and safe product, that is why its culturing) is done in a pure and natural environment such as the Atacama Desert. A microalgae powder is obtained and then a concentrated oleoresin of astaxanthin. This last stage is accomplished by using a CO2 supercritical extraction process which is a recently developed technology. It allows for a residue free and 100% natural product to be obtained.
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